Ten years ago, science producers at BBC created a mini-series called Walking with Dinosaurs which was basically Jurassic Park minus the killings. After its success, they decided to turn it into a theatrical spectacular. It's coming to Madison Square Garden.

The producers have built 17 life-sized dinosaurs which stalk about on the stage and take the audience from the Triassic Period through the Cretaceous. Using a combination of performers, puppeteers and electronics, the dinosaurs have been rendered as realistically as possible. Each dinosaur requires three people to make it look so life-like: a driver who controls the motion of the legs, one puppeteer who controls the inverse movement of the head and the tail and second puppeteer who controls smaller movements like blinking and the mouth.

Before the show lands in Madison Square Garden at the end of July, take a peek at how the dinosaurs in the show move with some commentary by the director and the lead dinosaur designer.

Even Regis and Kelly are getting involved.

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