In troubled times politicians look to their base for support. So naturally the Republican Party chose God's waiting room as the site of its 2012 convention to nominate a presidential candidate. Arizona was in the running, but was passed over.

So if we're even alive in 2012, then yeah, the convention will happen. But why was Arizona, who badly wanted to host the RNC, snubbed? The GOP blames the desert heat because there's no way in hell Republicans would abandon Arizona over its racial profiling law. "No, no," RNC chairman Michael Steele told The Washington Post when asked if Arizona's controversial new law had anything to do with the choice. "It was a business decision." Sure! Speaking to the New York Times, Randall Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party said, "Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans from coast to coast stand with Arizonans as we fight to secure our border." That's right. Arizona: Fighting the good fight for all Republicans.

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