We are not very judgmental people, generally, and probably these kids are having a blast dancing their scary little hearts out. But good luck watching this video of five young girls do Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' and not feeling totally uncomfortable!

Apparently, the girls are performing at World of Dance, "the largest U.S. Urban Dance Competition." I don't know. They are really pretty good, aren't they? And I am sure they love doing this. But, um, they are, what, seven? Isn't there a song that is not about, you know, marriage, that they could dance to? And perhaps, costumes they could wear that do not bring to mind high-class escorts? And, furthermore, dance moves, that involve less "gyration"? Or is seven the new tween, or something?

This was easier when instead of "childhood" and "adulthood" there was "working in factories" and then "death."