Sarah Palin is writing another book! It'll be called America By Heart, and will be "about" her favorite people, speeches, books, and whatever else she can think up before Thanksgiving. Help us figure out what's going to be in it!

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Okay, you got us: America By Heart: Faith, Family, and Whatever is not really even a book, actually. It is one of those Facebook notes where you fill out your favorite things and tag six friends, with a lot of padding. That is OK! President Bush isn't writing a "book," either, just a listicle about his most decision-est moments in the White House that will be bound and sold in "bookstores," if any exist by November.

But the real question is: What is going to be in it? We have prepared a table of contents with several categories that are likely to be covered in Palin's long-form, professionally-published email forward, and we want to know what the Gawker masses imagines to be deep inside Palin's soul. Download our fill-in-the-blanks cover, or nominate your ideas in the comments below. Maybe there will be a prize! The prize of, "the admiration of your peers."