Today at Gawker.TV, The Man in Black and Jacob's backstory is finally revealed on Lost, Will Forte gives insight into MacGruber's nudie scenes, Bill O'Reilly talks Fox News on The View, and what in the world is "butt-chugging?"

Butt-Chugging: What Is It, and Who's Doing It?
Young people will stop at nothing to get messed up. YouTube is flush with videos of misguided youths introducing alcohol to their nether regions, so we went to Union Square to get to the bottom of this mysterious trend.

LOST Sheds Light on The Man in Black and Jacob
Brothers Jacob and ...uhhhh... yeah, we're definitely still calling him The Man in Black got their own full flashback episode last night. It seems Jacob isn't quite as cool as you might have thought, while the MiB? Still a badass.

The Hills Continues Its Shift from Banal to Terrifying
The final wisps of Spencer Pratt's sanity seemed to slip away from him tonight on the Hills when during a neighbor's 7 year-old birthday party, he blasted Heidi's mom for "emotionally raping" her daughter, calling her "just a vagina." Classy!

Will Forte Enlightens Us About MacGruber's Raunchy Sex Scenes
What's worse than filming a sex scene with nothing covering your parts but a piece of celery? Discovering midway through filming that your mother's come to visit the set that day. This story, plus a vintage Late Show clip inside.

Bill O'Reilly Discusses Fox News' Latest Feud with the White House
Fox News is upset with Obama's administration because of their slow response to the recent oil spill. Bill O'Reilly could care less, stating that these fights make his ratings skyrocket and he wants you to be offended by him.