A mysterious cache of videos of the Jackson children—apparent leaks from self-made videos and webchats—show Paris on iChat, Blanket pretending to be a Jedi knight, and other rambunctious games.

Where did these videos come from? Why were they made, and for whom? Here, eight-year-old Blanket clowns around with someone he calls Donte—maybe Donte Jackson, son of Randy? They're act out an elaborate scene from Star Wars.

In this video he calls his Donte "Mike Wachowski," the Monsters, Inc. character, while chattering about comic book characters.

They also impersonate the Green Lantern.

…and sing and dance some more, about Mike Wachowski.

Relatively normal kid stuff, right? But check out this mysterious video of big sister Paris, in which she stares into the camera and glumly implores, "Monkey, pleeease help." What does it mean? Is it part of a game? Does Paris need help?!