Here are the funniest moments of Conan O'Brien's recent visit to Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, including the comedian riffing on Google's "entitled a-hole" staff—and a cutting impersonation of Jay Leno that apparently violated legal constraints.

One Googler last week uploaded short clips of the former Tonight Show host's visit, but Google has subsequently released the full 48 minutes of footage.

We've boiled down the best five minutes into the clip above.

In addition to joking about his friction with Leno and NBC, O'Brien riffed repeatedly on the arrogance of his well-paid, well-pampered host company. The ribbing was good natured and fun, and it sounds like it killed with the audience, i.e. the target of the jokes. But the digs about Google entitlement did well precisely because there's been real concern inside the company about spoiled staffers (see our prior coverage here and here, and our own take on Googler arrogance here).

Then there's the other side of the coin, the cutbacks at Google, which inadvertently became fodder for an impromptu joke by O'Brien's sidekick Andy Richter.

The Richter bit was well received, as were all of O'Brien's ruthlessly funny digs at the company. Like O'Brien himself, Googlers have had their unlikable, self-pitying moments in the spotlight. But, also like the late-night host, they seem to have a sense of humor and perspective about their sorrows, and that humanity is ultimately what they'll need to stay successful and keep growing. Just like O'Brien.

[via Business Insider]