Tucker Max

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Notorious for making more enemies with his site and movie than he has fans, Tucker Max epitomizes the fame one can gain using only the tools of a laptop and a narcissistic personality.

Jakob Lodwick

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Co-founder of both Vimeo.com and CollegeHumor, Jakob Lodwick has received most of his notoriety through his internet antics. A master of self-promotion, Lodwick has become known for not only exposing himself but his ex-girlfriend Julia Allison as well.

Tionna Smalls

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Tionna Smalls first achieved her internet celebrity status with her advice column on Gawker.com. Turning her fame into a book deal and a show on VH1, Smalls serves as an example of the large rewards one can reap through the use of social networking.

Arthur Kade

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Aspiring actor and accomplished blogger, Arthur Kade (aka The Brand) has become known for loving himself enough to let the world love him on ArthurKade.com, which chronicles his path to celebrity stardom.

Julia Allison

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Journalist, television commentator and co-creator of Nonsociety.com, Julia Allison is perhaps one of the first ever internet celebrities. Most recently, she has been known for translating her web-based fame to television in a series of Sony commercials.

Kari Ferrell

Otherwise known as the 'Hipster Grifter,' Kari Ferrell is the only person on this list who managed to turn a criminal record into a career. Found guilty of stealing our attention, Farrell continues to be an internet presence, recently posing nude for AnimalNewYork.

Devorah Rose

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Star of CW's High Society and Editor-in-Chief of a magazine so exclusive that only a few have seen its pages, Devorah Rose has catapulted to fame simply for her quest to be famous.