The state already hates Mexicans and teachers with accents. But to really clean things up, yesterday a law was passed that bans schools from teaching "ethnic studies" and classes that encourage the overthrow of the US government. Really.

The new law, signed by Governor Jan Brewer, states that students "should be taught to treat and value each other as individuals and not be taught to resent or hate other races or classes of people," because the American school system was founded on diversity and open-mindedness they'll have you know. According to a report in the LA Times, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne (pictured below), said the bill was targeting the Tucson school system's Chicano Studies program. He was particularly upset with a book being taught in some classes called Occupied America: A History of Chicanos, which he told the LAT "implies to the kids that they live in occupied America, or occupied Mexico." He is leaving his post soon to run for Arizona attorney general.

School districts have the right to appeal the law, which goes into effect at the end of this year. Arizona can also withhold 10% of state funding for any school district that does not comply. So, it looks like the fall semester will be the last one where students can enroll in coup instruction and anti-White Culture classes. Next thing you know, immigrants will be demanding that Arizona observe some sort of Hispanic History Month. Some people.

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