Today at Gawker.TV, Evangeline Lilly talks Lost, Meat Loaf has a questionable appearance on Today, Kristen Wiig on the MacGruber movie, Stephen Colbert's solution to the oil spill, and How I Met Your Mother reveals the fourth doppleganger.

HIMYM Reveals 4th Doppleganger at Robots Vs. Wrestlers
The gang attended party filled with notable media-folk (like Will Shortz and Arianna Huffington) where Ted felt he'd found his people, Lily and Marshall addressed their baby-fever, and most importantly, headed to "Robots Vs. Wrestlers," where they discovered Ted's look-alike.

Kristen Wiig Spills About the MacGruber Movie
We hope you're all as excited for this movie as we are. Kristen Wiig was kind enough to shed insight into the filming process and her sex scene with Grubes himself. Bonus: one-second trailers created by Jorma Taccone.

Evangeline Lilly Talks About Lost's Secrecy & Recent Killing Spree
Why didn't Kate die after being shot in the shoulder last week? Why is her name scratched off the list of candidates? Why are the creators of Lost so damn secretive about everything? The real-life Kate gives us her take.

Stephen Colbert's Oil Containment Solution Randomizer
Since apparently nobody knows what else to do, Stephen's got his own solution for BP: a contraption he likes to call the "Oil Containment Solution Randomizer." No word on whether or not this may actually help the cause.

Meat Loaf's Eccentric Appearance on Today
The musician who's named after a family dinner staple dropped by The Today Show to promote his new album (out today.) Unfortunately, his incoherent speech and wacky antics made us wonder if he hit the sauce Kathie Lee-style.