Celebrity robbery is a status symbol, but actress Amanda Peet isn't famous enough to fall victim to it, according to a juror who acquitted her accused robber yesterday: "We didn't really consider her a Nicole Kidman or anything like that."

Celebrity robbery: Win-win-win. Prosecutors get famous nabbing high-profile hoodlums, hoodlums get famous toying with fancy trinkets and weeping behind bars, and even though celebrities are, you know, robbed, they do get to be members of an elite new club: celebrity robber victims. It's more elite than the A-list! Los Angeles' "Bling Ring" victim list was a "who's who" of young Hollywood, which is why Brittny Gastineau was so excited to be a rumored member, and why it was so mean when the robber scoffed, "Brittny who?" Because, if you're part of young Hollywood, and the Bling Ring didn't want to rob you, you were essentially snubbed.

Amanda Peet's been snubbed, too, and so have New York's wannabe prosecutors, who thought they had a celebrity burglar on their hands, when all they really had was a regular ol' robber, and possibly the wrong one, at that. Reports the New York Post,

Jurors said the lack of evidence left them wondering if prosecutors had simply tried to make whatever case they could in order to solve a celebrity break-in, not that they were that impressed by Peet's credentials.

"We didn't really consider her a Nicole Kidman or anything like that," said one female juror, a 30-year-old cashier who asked to not be named.

And the chief difference between LA and NYC—the presence and lack of celebrity worship, respectively—is solidified again. [NYPost, Image: Getty]