Peter Getty and relatives of Francis Ford Coppola are going to the mattresses against one another in Getty's epic divorce battle with wife Jacqui. And the picture is getting more tenuous for Getty. Or should we say "pictures."

Jacqui, a Hollywood stylist and mother to Coppola's granddaughter Gia, is seeking a restraining order against Peter, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in spousal support. She says Peter, a sometime record producer, descended into a life of cocaine and internet porn addiction and became abusive toward her.

To prove these claims, Jacqui is, the New York Post has reported, to submit into evidence a picture of Peter with blood-caked nostrils, as shown from his computer cam. It's an image that has been making the rounds in Hollywood, and not a pleasant one:

It's worth noting that imagery like this is not out of place in a divorce battle. And Jacqui may well need it to prove her case and to win money to support her daughter.

But it's hard not to sympathize at least a bit with Peter, who seems to be waging a lonely — if well-financed — battle with Jacqui and her family. When how the New York Post described the scene at Friday's hearing, it sounded like lonely Peter vs. Jacqui's swarm, including the wife of the man behind the Godfather movies:

Jacqui arrived in court with 15 to 20 friends and family members, including friend Pamela Levy, the founder of Juicy Couture; Gia Coppola, the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola; and Gia's grandmother Eleanor Coppola, Francis' wife.

Peter showed up in court alone.

Peter also seemed to fall asleep before the hearing started, as show in in the video above, apparently shot by someone on Jacqui's side of the courtroom.