Adedamola Olatunji lived in a small apartment on the South Side of Chicago. Where he pretended to be Ben Stiller, David Duchovny, Paul Haggis, Paul Schrader and Noah Baumbach and used their credit cards for iTunes and online dating.

The Daily Telegraph report that Olatunji, 29, would call up Citibank to report a stolen card and have the replacement sent to him. As well as paying for music and dating, he used the Hollywood cards to try and buy "several thousand dollars worth of goods" to send to a friend in Britain.

The bank became suspicious, report the Telegraph, when celebrities kept having their cards sent to his obscure, distinctly non-luxury address. When an undercover agent delivered the new cards Olatunji "allegedly told him that he was "Paul" [Haggis] and that Noah [Baumbach] was "in the back". He's now been charged with forgery, mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and computer fraud.

A source, with a sense of humor, apparently told the Chicago Tribune that "the bank has some issues they've got to straighten out... the guy calls up with a foreign accent and says: 'Hey, I'm Ben Stiller, I lost my card. Can you send me a new one?' Oh. Sure, why not?"