We have given CNN's Jeffrey Toobin a hard time for getting his mistress pregnant and then being a deadbeat about it. But turns out he was a gentleman from the start. Hell, he even offered to pay for the abortion.

Toobin and Casey Greenfield, a 36 year-old Yale-educated lawyer—daughter CBS analyst Jeff Greenfield—had an on-and-off affair for many years. In 2008, he got her pregnant. And Toobin went above and beyond his duty as her lover: He offered to pay for an abortion. But that's not all: He would also pay for her to have another baby with a sperm donor, according to the Daily News. And they say chivalry's dead.

But Greenfield told him that she was keeping the kid, so Toobin told her "she was going to regret it, that she shouldn't expect any help from him." And after she gave birth to Rory, he didn't respond to Greenfield's emails asking if he wanted to meet him. In February, when Family Court ordered Toobin to pay child support he refused to pay the full amount until Greenfield's lawyer threatened to garnish his wages. Now, Toobin hangs out with his kid sometimes—bringing his wife, Amy along. But a source tells the Daily News "Casey isn't convinced he really wants to serve as a dad... it may be legal maneuvering."

Indeed, this fight between two lawyers appropriately raises some important legal issues: So much has been made about a woman's right to choose. But what about Jeffery Toobin's?