Last week, the South Carolina's attorney general's office announced Mark Sanford would not face criminal charges for ethics complaints prompted by his "Appalachian Trail" disappearing act last year. He's apparently celebrating this small victory with his Argentine mistress.

Vacationing in the Florida Keys, a tipster spotted Sanford along with a woman who is probably the Argentine former TV reporter, 41 year-old Maria Belen Chapur. (Sanford and his wife divorced earlier this year.)

Hey Gawker - I'm a law student in from Philadelphia vacationing in the
Florida Keys. Just wanted to let you know that upon arrival today, we
were floored to see South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford strolling
through the lobby of our resort arm-in-arm with a tall, attractive,
brunette - presumably his Argentine "soulmate." Both kept to
themselves and didn't make eye contact, but were obviously not hiding
their relationship. They're staying at the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada.
(We've since learned that George HW Bush frequents the resort - so it
seems to be something of a GOP hideout.)

Glad to hear everything worked out so nice in the end.

Update: We just got another Sanford sighting from Key Largo:

My husband, son and I were pulling into the Key largo Island Bay Resort for Mothers Day brunch and who did we see at a table in the corner? Mark Sanford and a very pretty dark haired woman.

(Island Bay Resort is a mere 10 minutes down the road from Cheeca Lodge.)