Thursday night, "Lucien" told blogger Joe My God that "Well, I do have to get up early for an interview. You know that guy, the gay reporter on TV?" Yesterday Lucien was on Anderson "That gay reporter" Cooper's show.

Lucien—whose real name is Jo-Vanni Roman—didn't really reveal anything new about his recent European trip with anti-gay activist George Rekers. If anything, cable news precluded any more-detailed discussion of "The Long Stroke," which is really the second most-important aspect of this whole story. One funny detail: There was a contract that stipulated Lucien had to spend eight hours a day and eat two meals with Rekers a day. Also, Lucien told Rekers about his boyfriends from the start, so Rekers totally new he was hanging out with a gay. So, there's that. But now we know what Lucien looks like while talking and walking. And we can see the flowing golden locks which must have been a central reason why Rekers chose him over all the other possible boys to rent on Seems like a nice kid, too.