Helicopter video-leakers Wikileaks just asked for a "list of as many .mil email addresses as possible" via Twitter. That is weird. What are they up to?

We have no idea. Maybe they're assembling a list to blast in advance of screening their upcoming video of a U.S. air strike in Afghanistan, or looking for people to speak out about the incident? Or maybe they're just going to email everyone in the military and ask if they have any incriminating videos lying around that they'd like shared with the world? (Good luck with that!) Or maybe they just want us to write about them (mission accomplished) which is certainly possible given Wikileaks' flair for the dramatic.

In any case, a pretty bold statement for a group that has been declared a national security threat by the Pentagon. We've asked Wikileaks for a comment and will update if we hear anything.

Update: Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange responded: "Not yet."

[Photo of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange via Flickr]