Matthew Schneider, a 22-year-old production manager who worked on the show, is one of many charged in a drug bust in Alaskan fishing center Unalaska. He is still on the run, and he's implicated other show employees of drug running.

The cops confiscated $80,000 worth of methamphetamine, OxyContin, cocaine, and marijuana as part of the investigation, and have arrested 18 people so far. Schneider is accused of selling $300 worth of cocaine to an undercover cop but was recorded saying that his boss on the Discovery show imports staggering quantities of blow for Deadliest Catch parties up north. Isn't that what all TV producers do for for all of their shows? Anyway, Schneider is thought to be in California and is, so far, the only person working on the show who has been charged, though it sounds like cops are nosing around others on the crew. Really, we can't blame them. What else are a bunch of hotshot TV people from LA supposed to do in fucking Alaska with nothing to do and some money in their pocket? Throw a Palin benefit? [Anchorage Daily News]