Things turned ugly after a training session for full-body scanners at Miami International Airport this week, when TSA employee Rolando Negrin beat a co-worker with a police baton for making fun of his "small genitalia" in front of everyone.

Negrin was walking through a full-body scanner as part of security training when a supervisor started making jokes about his small dick. According to the police report, after weeks of harassment, Negrin "could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind." So he followed a colleague to the parking lot and beat the shit out of him with an expandable baton and made him cry like a little bitch: "[Negrin] then told victim to kneel down and say 'your sorry.' Victim stated he was in fear and complied with [Negrin]." He may not be well-hung, but Rolando Negrin knows how to serve up some street justice.

[NBC Miami]
[Images via Miami-Dade Police, Getty]