Today in totally benign apps Apple thinks it needs to protect us from: German electro-punk band Atari Teenage Riot has developed an app which plays crazy sounds. The German iTunes store has delayed its release because it might cause "hysteria."

Pitchfork reports on the free app, which, along with every ATR song and video, includes a feature called "Riotsounds Produce Riots." What is this?

An audio player that features sounds that ATR used at a May Day protest in 1999, at which the band members were arrested.

But according to a press release—Whose? Apple's, we're assuming? Pitchfork doesn't say. Bad Pitchfork. We give your reporting 5.2—anyway, according to some press release, the app has been delayed because it produces "very low sub basses, square waves, noise sounds which trigger hysteria and panic within the audience." (So does Ke$ha's new single, but they let that on iTunes. ZING!) Now, ATR says they might have to release the app without this "Riotsounds Produce Riots" thing. Which, honestly, is OK with us because it sounds really goddamned annoying. [Pitchfork]

(via Commenter John Thomspon in: Are You There God? It's Me, Danzig)