What will today's 13-year-old boys be most embarrassed about in 2020? Probably the fact that they are all getting their hair cut like Justin Bieber, according to The New York Times. And that they are paying $175 to do so.

The Times' Kayleen Schaefer reports from the front lines of the Bieber bangs bonanza:

Call it the Flip and Switch, the Flow, or the Twitch: the Bieber hairstyle - with sideswept bangs that end about an inch past where the Beatles snipped theirs off - is everywhere. Tim Urban wore it on "American Idol" before he was voted off in late April, and Miles Heizer wears it on the NBC show "Parenthood" to play a brooding teenager. The idea is that the front-combed bangs are so long that they must be flicked aside constantly with a whole lot of attitude.

A whole lot of attitude, and a big haircut budget, apparently. The prices the article quotes run as high as $175, for a "chemical straightening treatment" undergone by 14-year-old Tommy Ledger, who says, "It's kind of frustrating sometimes. I'm trying to skateboard and they want to touch my hair." (We're not sure how many boys are really out there dropping $100 on what looks like "regular haircut, grown out"—but far be it from us to pooh-pooh Bieber-related trendwatch articles).

In any event, the results of the Bieber bangs mania sound delightful:

The majority of boys in the sixth-grade class of Ms. Friedman's son have the Bieber. "You can't see any eyes," she said, describing the scene at a school dance she chaperoned recently. "There are no eyes, and there's a lot of flipping."

Tweens! Always flipping! Unable to see! And yet... If only they knew what haircut they were actually getting:

"It's really the old Linda Evangelista look, the gamine look," Mr. Blandi said. "The only difference is that he wears it pushed to the front."

Today's tweens: Wearing Linda Evangelista's hair.

[NYT; pic via Getty]