Well, has he? Australia's jowliest global media mogul has a newspaper war to win and a younger wife to keep up with. Yet he seems to be looking fresher than ever. We turned to a real plastic surgeon, for analysis!

Dr. Anthony Youn is a Board-certified plastic surgeon based in Michigan. He is frequently quoted in the media! We enlisted his expertise, after a tipster who saw Rupert on TV notified us that he looked "all smooth and gollum like." The photo on the left is from September 29, 2009; the photo on the right is from the Met's Costume Institute party this week. [Click the photo above to enlarge.]

Dr. Youn's analysis:

Rupert Murdoch does look a bit more youthful in the more recent photo. I doubt he's had any actual surgery done, since the changes are pretty subtle. His skin looks a bit tighter, smoother, and brighter. A facelift or other actual surgeries would create a much more dramatic change. I believe he may have had a chemical peel, such as a Jessner's Peel, or laser resurfacing treatments, such as the Cynosure Affirm fractionated laser. These treatments cause the skin to look tighter, remove fine lines, and leave no scars.

There you have it: Rupert Murdoch *may* have had his face blasted with caustic chemicals in a hopeless quest to recapture a modicum of his long-dead youth.

[Photos via Getty Images]