America is abuzz with the news that NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker—who has methodically and predictably destroyed the NBC brand during his tenure there—is considering running for elected office, once he gets canned. He's destined for politics.

  • Zucker's statement last week that he's eying a political career was just the latest hint—he's been hinting at it for years. Jeff Zucker knows how to set himself up for a cushy new career after failing in a previous career.
  • Jeff Zucker is almost solely responsible for the whole Conan O'Brien- Jay Leno fiasco. Jeff Zucker lacks foresight.
  • Zucker is also responsible for the failure of Jay Leno's aborted 10 p.m. prime time variety hour crapshow. Jeff Zucker is not funny.
  • Peter Lauria notes that "Zucker is a registered independent who has never donated to a particular political candidate-records show that in the five years he's only made two $5,000 donations to GE's political action committee." Jeff Zucker lacks any real political conviction.
  • Zucker is willing to go state-shopping in order to find the most receptive market in which to run. What Jeff Zucker lacks in conviction, he makes up in personal ambition.
  • Jeff Zucker knows lots of celebrities. America loves to elect inexperienced, ambitious, politically vague leaders who can get Jay Leno to stump for them.
  • As Alex Pareene once observed, "Jeff Zucker is a failure and an idiot." He's perfect.