Last night's thrilling and tragic episode was full of head scratch moments, but one major question still nags at us. As, you know, it's supposed to. Just what the hell is that darn smoke monster up to?

So... Locke wanted the sub to blow up. Thus when he says, in the clip above, "I'm going to finish what I started," he meant "Ima go kill those people," right? But he can't actually kill them by his own hand, so he's gonna what, get one of the few people left on the island that he hasn't done away with to kill them? He's going to get Miles to kill them?

Also, where the hell is Miles? Is he with Ben and Alpert, is that where he is? My memory is starting to go (I blame my neurosurgeon, Dr. Charles Shaw) so I really don't remember where we last left Miles. But if they don't give that poor guy something to do, I'll be a little upset. Same with Lapidus, who is now maybe (definitely?) dead from sub door attack. They'd better have some payback in the off-island sideways world, otherwise what were Jeff Fahey and Ken Leung doing tromping around in the jungle for the last three years?

Oh, and speaking of dead Lapidus, RIP Sun and Jin, huh? A truly moving scene, once again beautifully acted by Yunjin Kim. One thing annoyed members of my viewing party, though: Why wasn't Sun like "Hey Jin, obviously this sucks, but we do have that kid off-island, so why not get outta here so she has a better chance of not being an orphan?" It seems like she should have pushed him to leave for the sake of little Yi Jeon. But I dunno. I'm fairly confident we're not done with Jin and Sun. The episode airing the week after next is called "Why They Died," so maybe that has to do with them? Let's hope so, because I really like Jin and Sun. I know majors are going to have to die by the end of this damn thing, but I hope it's not them.

Along those lines, may I say that there was definitely some whooping and cheering in my apartment when old Kate Austen got shot and went plopping down on that dock. But don't worry guys, she was up and around just a few minutes later. Sigh.

What'd you think? Who's "good" here, Widmore or Locke? Neither? Are they secretly on the same team? Are Sun and Jin really dead? Has Lapidus been looking for Cindy the Stewardess this whole time (I think so!)?