For him, DL means "deluded lad." For this couple it means "didn't last" like their crumbling relationship. For this starlet it means "drunk lady" as someone set a trap to get her wasted and use the photos against her.

1. "This movie actor is B list although he definitely has A++ name recognition. Young. Not some faded A lister who is now a B. Our actor has been in some of the biggest hits of all time. Anyway, although our actor considers himself heterosexual and he has had a very famous, very public heterosexual romance, he told someone the other day that 'if you get orally serviced by a guy, its doesn't mean you are gay. In fact, I just had a guy I have known for awhile do that to me last week.'" [CDaN]

2. "This celebrity relationship is nearly at an end, despite desperate attempts to convince the press otherwise. In a recent interview, she blabbed about how good things are and how they keep it fresh. She's actually just completely in denial that he's been shacking up with a much younger woman than herself. This one's not about Brangelina." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This hard-partying actress might want to lay low this Cinco de Mayo. While it's pretty easy to find photos of her looking less than sober a certain party is now setting a trap for her. They are paying for videos of her drinking and engaged in other less legal activities. They are trying to bolster their case that she isn't capable of managing her own life and needs someone to step in and take over before it's el Dia de Los Muertos." [Blind Gossip]

4. "Which famous music producer incurred the wrath of an ex-girlfriend when she spied him chatting up one of her friends at a London nightclub? The tearful ex then tore a strip off of her so-called mate, too..." [UK Mirror]