The angry geriatric group is fighting the perception that its members are racists. Of course left-wingers are to blame for this smear campaign, and the Tea Party is going to prove it. One defense? We have black friends, too!

Sure, all Tea Partiers are not racists. But according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 3 in 10 Americans see racist undertones within the movement. But they won't stand for this! Brendan Steinhauser, campaign director for FreedomWorks, told the Post, "we don't want the worst elements to take this over." And the worst elements are probably Democrats, according to Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation. At the group's Nashville rally, some people showed up with "a couple of signs — which I'm not convinced weren't plants from the other side — that were really tasteless and inappropriate."

Want proof that the Tea Party is a multi-cultural political force for good? Tennessee Tea Partier Jim Coop said, "the tea parties I've been to, there've been black people there, Mexicans and everybody else you can think of." See? It's vast left-wing conspiracy to bring honest, hard-working, open-mined true Americans down!

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