A CNN producer noticed something funny on his commute today: Julia Louis-Dreyfus got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! No, wait, that's not the funny thing. The funny thing is that they spelled her name "Julia Luis Dreyfus."

David Daniel passed by as the finishing touches were being put on the star for Ms. "Luis Dreyfus," telling the workmen "Um, excuse me, but I'm pretty sure that star is missing an O. And a hyphen."

When he got to work, he called the Walk of Fame's publicist.

A couple of hours later, Ana called me back. "Is everything okay?" I asked. "Well, I almost puked in my car, but otherwise, yeah," she replied. It turns out Louis-Dreyfus thought the mistake was hysterical, and wanted them to leave it, but they'd already chiseled out the "Luis" and put a temporary "Louis-" in its place for the unveiling. It wasn't shiny and perfect, but at least they got her name right.

Oh, the volumes this speaks about:

  • How seriously the Hollywood Walk of Fame is taken, even by itself.
  • The state of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' career, even with a successful sitcom.
  • The fact that no one at all uses copy editors anymore!

But if nothing else, thank God it wasn't the Arizona Walk of Fame, am I right?