Guess what! The final round of Jeopardy!'s Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational is airing this week. Each day, we'll bring you standout moments. Today: the stars get flustered over an easy question and Alex Trebek shuts down Jane Curtin. Videos inside.

Last night's competition featured Harry Shearer, Jane Curtin and Pat Sajak, none of whom are lacking in the intelligence department. Which is why it was so funny when all three got tripped up over a relatively simple question related to A Christmas Carol. Naturally, Curtin's response is what really makes this clip shine.

The second standout moment from yesterday's show involves Curtin and Trebek's awkward exchange during the interview portion of the broadcast, in which he basically cuts her off after raising an eyebrow at some of her loopy statements related to her charity.

This is going to be a fun week.