Joy Behar smoothed things over with her Fox News nemesis; Ashton Kutcher fixed his drinking problem; and Facebook indulged in drinking and rehab at the same time. The Twitterati patched things up.

Talented CNN gabber Joy Behar referred to Fox News chief Roger Ailes as her "lover," for some reason. We presume Glenn Beck was not consulted.

If Ashton Kutcher had known how ridiculous room service charges were, he'd have started handling his own hotel bills years ago!

If the flacks from Edelman bring the privacy-diaster-reversing, image-restoring PR advice, Facebook will bring the booze. Crying and recrimination on the roof, anyone?

Software entrepreneur Joel Spolsky suddenly saw the good in those "stupid venture capitalists" he used to deride. And it was in his company's bank account.

Party photographer Nicky Digital can't handlebar this weather.