Don Black is a Florida-based white supremacist who is banned from the UK for inciting hatred. Arizona State Senate Majority leader Chuck Gray—a proponent of the recent immigration bill—follows him, and another white power feed, on Twitter.

StormfrontWPWW (White Pride Worldwide) is the Twitter account for Stormfront, a racist organization that is the latest project of uber-racist Stephen Donald Black, better known as Don Black. He was a Grand Wizard in the KKK and a member of the American Nazi Party. In 1981 he was convicted and jailed for trying to invade Dominica with a boatload of weapons, in order to set up some kind of utopian state. (He's pictured below, at a conference organized by the infamous white supremacist David Duke.), the website he set up on his release from jail, is a hate-filled racist forum.

Its Twitter account, and another neo-Nazi feed linked to it, are among 4,819 that Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray (top) follows. (See screenshots below.) Stormfront does not reciprocate, however—the group follows no one. Which means that Gray, or whoever is responsible for his Twitter account, sought out the racist organization specifically and decided its tweets were essential reading. Perhaps because they've linked heavily on their feed to stories about the recent Arizona immigration bill and similarly racist-tinged measures in the state to remove teachers with "ethnic" accents from classrooms? Of course, this isn't the first time Arizona's right-wing politicians have been linked with racist groups.

We reached out to Senator Gray's office for comment, but have not heard back as of yet. Governor Jan Brewer's office hasn't returned calls and emails for comment either. There was no answer at the number listed for Don Black, and emails to two addresses went unanswered. Mike Philipsen, a spokesperson for the Arizona Senate Republican Caucus, said he had no comment until he had spoken to Senator Gray. We will update the post with their responses if and when they arrive.

Update: Commenter philly_bits points out that Gray is also following ScarecrowWPWW — another neo-Nazi Twitter feed that links to Stormfront. The article has been amended to reflect that. The Senator, via spokesperson Mike Philipsen, said he does not know how he came to follow these two white power groups, and had no idea of their "background." He has now ceased following them. Philipsen added that "he [Gray] does not support" the group's ideas.