Former drug kingpin Ike Atkinson, a soldier who smuggled tons of heroin out of Vietnam, is challenging American Gangster's account of Harlem heroin-smuggling kingpin Frank Lucas. Give Ike Atkinson credit for every last kilo he smuggled into America, patriotically.

One of Atkinson's main objections, raised in a new book: the movie showed him moving heroin inside cadavers. He was way too patriotic to do something like that:

"Why would I do something so awful as move heroin in cadavers? I had so many easier and more effective ways of moving my dope. Besides, whatever wrong I did, I was still proud of my [military] service, and I would have done nothing to harm the memory of our brave soldiers who died serving the country."

Well hell, Ike's 84 now and he just got finished serving 32 years in prison. Give him credit for his heroin-smuggling, already.

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