Oh, Rush. While everyone is focused on the environmental and economic impact of the oil rig explosion and subsequent spill, Limbaugh has his own theory: the rig was blown up by "hardcore environmentalist wackos."

President Obama just made some remarks on the topic. He said, according to AFP, that the spill was "a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster," and added that "BP is responsible for this leak. BP will be paying the bill."

But Rush has arrived at a very different culprit. Here, via WWLTV in Louisiana, is the big guy's theory as aired on his Thursday show. We'd advise you put on a tinfoil hat before reading it, just to get into the spirit of things.

I want to get back to the timing of the blowing up, the explosion out there in the Gulf of Mexico of this oil rig. Since they're sending SWAT teams down there now this changes the whole perspective of this. Now, lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, the carbon tax bill, cap and trade that was scheduled to be announced on Earth Day. I remember that. And then it was postponed for a couple of days later after Earth Day, and then of course immigration has now moved in front of it.

But this bill, the cap-and-trade bill, was strongly criticized by hardcore environmentalist wackos because it supposedly allowed more offshore drilling and nuclear plants, nuclear plant investment. So, since they're sending SWAT teams down there, folks, since they're sending SWAT teams to inspect the other rigs, what better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I'm just noting the timing here.

But handily we can thwart this mysterious cabal of environmentalists by doing... nothing. Because oil is supposed to be in the water:

You do survive these things. I'm not advocating don't care about it hitting the shore or coast and whatever you can do to keep it out of there is fine and dandy, but the ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and was left out there," Limbaugh said. "It's natural. It's as natural as the ocean water is.

[Pic via NASA]