Lance Orton: Our hero! He is the Vietnam vet and T-shirt vendor who saved Times Square by noticing that there was a bomb inside of an SUV and notifying police. But why won't he love us like we love him?

When journalists approached him, the hero said "I'm fed up," and hustled to a Taxi without giving his name. (Luckily, journalists were able to read the badge around the hero's neck which identified him as Lance Orton.)

You saved a bunch of tourists from being blown to smithereens, Lance. And for that, you owe us: Interviews; a life story; help us understand you and sell your story to the world. Being a hero is not a right—it's privilege. Capt. Sully testified in front of congress and everything. At least give us a soundbite that the New York Post can superimpose over your face on their cover, ALL CAPS-style:

Before he left, he was asked what he had to say to New Yorkers.

"See something, say something," he said.

Heroes these days. [NYT]

Here's the full video of the grumpy hero. He really is quite grumpy!