Jesus Christ. We just got finished with our guide to Shelby Lynne, the country singer who might come out in People next week and now we hear that it is a different country singer: Chely Wright.

Queerty also believes that Chely Wright "is almost certainly May 5's Big 'Celebrity' Coming out."

Publicist Howard Bragman—who orchestrated this whole May 5th People coming out thing—is such a good publicist that he is generating publicity for dozens of people who probably aren't even his clients. If any other minor country stars want to jump on this, send us an email.

Actually, if anyone of any profession or fame level is even remotely thought to be gay and wants to be written about on Gawker just send us an email in the next hour or so hinting that you are going to be on the cover of People and we will write about you. Or if everyone thinks you're gay but you're actually straight, you can email us about that, too. Hell, if you're straight and just want to affirm your straightness: Send us an email! Got a book or album coming out soon? We will mention it. Just like this: Chely Wright's book, Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer, and her album Lifted Off the Ground. are both being released May 4th, the day before she does or does not come out on the cover of People magazine. Here is a link to her Amazon page where you can purchase her music.

Kill me.