Here's a salacious bombshell: Former Treasury Secretary and ex-Citigroup executive chairman Bob Rubin bragged about cushy corporate jets and how easy his job was during sexy romps with an alleged mistress. During the middle of the financial meltdown, no less.

Former Larry Summers whistleblower Iris Mack began her affair with Rubin, she says, in 2007. She describes the initial spark, and his octopus-like makeout arms:

When we reached the hotel entrance, the tension returned. He got this funny look on his face, and asked:

"Do you want to go upstairs and... cuddle?"

So that's what this is about. For a moment I was totally speechless and had to dig into my Harvard trained PhD brain to figure out what the hell he meant by "cuddling"! What can I say; once a teetotaling math geek, always a bit slow to pick up on signals from the menfolk. So the former Treasury Secretary had a "crush" on me! And not long afterward the former Treasury Secretary had his tongue down my throat and hands everywhere sort of like an octopus.

During the financial meltdown, Rubin—who ran Goldman Sachs in the 1990s and was Treasury Secretary under President Clinton—served as chairman of Citigroup's executive committee, which basically means Rubin got paid a ton of money to do nothing. Which even he admits! "I get paid very handsomely, but I don't have any actual managerial responsibilities." Nevertheless, while Citi was on the verge of going under in 2008, Rubin was spending his time, she says, taking part in sexy phone chats and weekend trysts. Hopefully this guy never gets laid again. [HuffPo]