Young people will stop at nothing to get messed up. YouTube is flush with videos of misguided youths introducing alcohol to their nether regions, so we went to Union Square to get to the bottom of this mysterious trend.

We've heard it called "boofing," "slimming," and most descriptively, "butt-chugging." It's done either by soaking a tampon in alcohol and inserting it into the vagina or rectum, or by pouring the alcohol into the orifice using a funnel or beer bong. If it seems insane, that's because it is- it can lead to severe internal burning and cracking, damage to the reproductive system, and dangerous levels of alcohol absorption. Who in their right mind would do this? Watch and find out.

Here are some of YouTube's best butt-chuggers:

Vodka soaked tampons, anyone? Tina Fey and her friends discuss the phenomenon on 30 Rock.

The Doctors discuss Butt-Chugging: