As comment boards and campus rumormills churn on the subject of third-year Harvard law student Stephanie Grace's email on the subject of white intellectual supremacy, a new narrative emerges: Is Stephanie the victim of catty collegiate in-fighting?

Above the Law reports that Stephanie Grace issued a long apology to the Black Law Students Association, which received a forwarded copy of an email she wrote ruminating on "the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent." She wrote, in part:

I am deeply sorry for the pain caused by my email. I never intended to cause any harm, and I am heartbroken and devastated by the harm that has ensued. I would give anything to take it back.

Now tipsters and members of Above the Law's comment board (some of whom may be one and the same?) are saying Stephanie's original email is six months old, from a dinner in November—but a fellow law student dug into her email archives and sent Stephanie's "Bell Curve" screed to the Black Law Students Association this week as part of a "cat fight" with Stephanie. The email forwarder's name has been bandied about, but we haven't been able to verify it. If you know more about the Mysterious Case of the Racist Harvard Law Email Forward, write in!

Update: Your step-by-step primer to the cat fight that turned into a national scandal.

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