In your pleasant Thursday media column: Sarah Palin produces a string of English-language words that ostensibly describe Glenn Beck, a NYT reporter is hazy on sourcing rules, Barack Obama smooches the press, and management moves at Forbes.

  • Glenn Beck is of course one of Time magazine's most influential human life forms, so Time got Sarah Palin to "write" a thing about this man, Glenn Beck, and here is a bit of what Sarah Palin "wrote" about him: "Glenn's like the high school government teacher so many wish they'd had, charting and connecting ideas with chalk-dusted fingers - kicking it old school - instead of becoming just another talking-heads show host." Uh, well maybe she really did write that.
  • New York Times reporter Nick Bilton does not know the meaning of "off the record" and "on background," which is mildly alarming since he is currently covering the Gawker Media/ Apple story. Though he has probably been straightened out by 645 letters to Romenesko.
  • Just yesterday the White House press corps was anonymously complaining about how Barack Obama never talks to them and OMG, today he totally came back in the plane and talked to them. "Members of the often-complaining press corps were besides themselves with excitement, putting away the chicken parmigiana they were eating to talk to the president," writes Helene Cooper, who can afford to laugh at these reporters because she works for the NYT, which everybody knows is totally going steady with Obama anyhow. Video of the president's brief visit with the press can be found here.
  • Forbes CEO Steve Forbes and his brother, COO Tim Forbes, are looking for a new COO to run Forbes, but not necessarily one named Forbes.

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