The move to New Zealand does not agree with the Vogue honcho because he almost lost the title of being the best thing about America's Next Top Model. Wake up, ALT, a noted fashion photographer is gunning for you!

Outfit: A white shirt with a brand new bright green tent. It was almost dewy-looking. Was he trying to look like the inside of a kiwi fruit because he's in New Zealand?

Accessory: The classic tusk on a chain.

Education: A mention of St. Naomi Sims' spirit guiding lovely model Krista.

Agreeableness: ALT was way too nice last night. His role seemed relegated to affirming and augmenting the opinions of Tyra, which we assume is probably similar to the things he says when seated next to Anna Wintour at an editorial meeting. The noted fashion photographer also took the pictures for this week's photo shoot and André let him ramble on and on about it and didn't even interrupt once. Judging is your hour, André, don't like a silly little photographer steal it from you!

Uses of Dreckitude: Five, but only once from André's mouth. The noted fashion photographer said a girl was "dressitude, not dreckitude." Tyra then stole both the original word and it's new couture cousin for her own fiendish purposes.

Grade: André barely said anything outrageous or funny, spoke no French, and wasn't spastically yelling at the girls. It's practically a total failure. Add to that the noted fashion photographer taking up all the screen time and stealing his catch phrases, and it was a sad sight indeed. (C-)

The reason André's grades have been getting progressively worse is not because he hasn't accepted our invitation to go to lunch (or even politely declined!), although it certainly isn't helping. Clearly he needs a bit of a shock to get him out of his slump. Let us know, André. We're ready whenever you are.