No, aliens still can't run for president (unless they're named Barack Nobama!!). She's just playing a very famous one in a TV miniseries. Also today: exciting casting news about exciting actors, salary disputes, and Hollywood tragedies.

Hm. HM. So the History Channel is doing this eight-part miniseries called The Kennedys, about Jamie Kennedy and his family the famous political dynasty, and they've just announced some big casting. Greg Kinnear is going to play JFK which is a little bit of a stretch, but he's a good actor, so that's OK. But you know who is playing Jackie? Do you know? Katieholmes! Sorry, had to say it quick. Katie. Holmes. In the pillbox. I love that old film where Jackie tours the White House and keeps side-mouth smirking. Her most endearing trait. Gurgle. [NYT]

Aw, Gabe Delahaye will be so happy. Magical star of screen and... screen, Topher Grace is joining Richard Gere in a film called The Double, about a grizzled old CIA guy (Gere) teaming up with a young turk FBI kid (Alex D. Linz Grace) to solve the mystery of a murdered senator. Sounds exciting! The writing team are the guys who wrote Wanted, so they clearly know their way around a nuanced, delicate script about a magic weaving loom that tells you to kill people. [THR]

America's most popular television actress, Miranda Cosgrove, will soon be starring in her own feature film. Why Are You Doing This To Me? is about a teen being tortured and murdered by a neighbor she'd once thought friendly. "Why are you doing this to me??" she keeps yelling. No, just kidding, that's the plot of The Lovely Bones. This is about a teen whose parents are getting dibborced. It will be written by a British lady, so I hope Miranda will be walking around in some sort of Victorian maid's dress and saying "Guv'nah" and "Tea 'n biscuits, tea 'n biscuits." Which is how British people talk, people like the owner of this company. [Variety]

Oooo sucky-sucky now! DreamGirls director Bill Condon has been tapped to direct the movie version of the final Twilight book (beautifully titled Breaking Dawn, because the twilight, the new moon, and the eclipse have come and gone, so now it is dawn!). It might actually be split into two movies. Given Condon's musical pedigree, one hopes that either Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, or both will spend some time slinking around in a silver sparkly shimmerdress. Though I suppose Pattinson's character does that anyway. So Lautner, go to wardrobe and get fitted for a shimmerdress and a doo-wop wig. Once it's on, you'll love it. I promise. Kristen Stewart? Go suck an egg. That's what you can do. [THR]

You might want to sit down if you're not already. (Why are you reading this standing up? The most popular and thus best show on television, the brilliantly written and acted NCIS: Naval Crime... Inspection? Squad?... Service?, might be headed for troubled waters. Four of its dynamic stars — the old British guy with the bowtie, the pasty white guy who represents the viewership, the meathead dude bro, and the HILARIOUS goth girl (who is in her 40s) — are demanding more money now that their seven year contracts are up. Well, it is the number one show on the air, so. And I mean, what would an exciting television show be without this guy? Or how about this magnificent bastard? Or this individual. (She's quirky! Get it?) Give them what they want, CBS. Give them twice what they want. [Deadline]

Poor Claire Forlani just can't get a break. Remember back in the Meet Joe Black days when she was going to be huge? And she was in Mystery Men and, um, a number of other films? Well, that passed. Then she popped up in those Banana Republic commercials and you figured that was it. But then! Then she got cast in the new Matt LeBlanc/Britain co-production Episodes, as half of a Brit comedy duo that imports their hit show to the US and has to deal with the dopey Matt LeBlanc as a new actor. It sounded funny and Forlani was on it. But... she's now leaving the program after the table read, so that must not have gone well. Thomas Haden Church is also leaving his recurring role, citing scheduling conflicts. Sad tales. [THR]

Steve Carell might be leaving The Office after next season. Which means the show should end two seasons ago. [EW]