Remember your i-before-e's, people: Twitter has a growing subculture of scolds who are retweeting your grammar gaffes and spelling slips. They've taken down John Cusack and now they're coming for you.

It is a sad and lonely world out there and some people are just looking to feel better, smarter, and more adept at diagramming sentences than you. Now they've appropriated a new technology to take aim at the world. One nice young man in Buffalo even created an algorithm to detect when tweets are written in all caps and will alert them to knock it off. What a handy service! Not surprisingly, some people don't like this activity much and have been fighting back against the online spelling cops. So the vicious cycle continues, people finding more interesting and efficient ways to piss each other the fuck off. It's evolution, people! Evolution!

[Image via Jovike's Flickr]