The White House press corps has some complaints about how they're treated (I know, crazy!). On the one hand, sure, power to the press. On the other hand, everyone sounds like children jealous of the New York Times.

Ugh, the White House press corps is such a bunch of whiny bitches. their concerns...fairly...ugh. Well, they want more access, to Obama! He's done way fewer informal Q&As with reporters than even Bush did. I wonder why, hmmm....

White House aides say Obama has hardly avoided the media. Indeed, he has done so many interviews that at times journalists have accused him of being overexposed. In his first year, Obama gave 161 interviews, according to Kumar's tally. Bush and Clinton each did about 50.

Ah yes, that whole "Obama is overexposed in the media" talking point. Hm. Well really, the takeaway from this unnecessarily long Politico off-the-record bitching session by White House reporters is: The Obama people give too many stories to the New York Times, and it makes us look bad. Noted. Now, get back to the real work of determining which one of you is the most influential.