Magnum condoms, for those of you who don't know (not me), are big condoms that are great for when your penis is extra large. Who better to promote Magnum condoms than rappers, who have extra-large penises, as everyone knows?

That's why, as the NYT reports, Magnum has recruited Ludacris as its brand spokesman. Not only is he a rapper but he's also a black guy, which means that he possesses two of the leading contributing factors to the American public's assumption that one is well-endowed. The subtle strategic element here, from a branding point of view, is like, if Ludacris tells you to buy Magnums, you're gonna be like, "Yea, of course, that is my preferred brand already." You don't want to look "uncool" in front of Ludacris, do you?

A recent study by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, asked male respondents if the last time they used a condom it fit well, and 44.7 percent responded that it did not.

"Typically they report they are more tight-fitting than loose-fitting," said Dr. William L. Yarber, a senior researcher at the institute and part of its Condom Use Research Team.

Magnums are a step in the right direction. But when will science come up with a solution for the 39% of men who don't worry about these stuck-up bitches at the bar, their Canadian girlfriend was totally sexing their brains out all last week when she was in town, sorry you guys didn't get a chance to meet her?