Interested in being Donatella Versace's intern for a semester? For a mere $20,000, the job can be yours. And she'll even throw in a t-shirt and a bottle of perfume.

Bidding on fashion internships for charity was hilarious when Anna Wintour put up a one-week Vogue internship for auction (it's currently at $13,000) mostly because, well, it's Anna Wintour, the most powerful person in the fashion industry and she can damn well do whatever she pleases.

But now Donatella Versace's in on the game, auctioning off a semester-long internship at the Versace office in New York-a prize package that comes complete with two Versus fashion show tickets, a meet-and-greet with Donatella herself, an autographed T-shirt, and autographed perfume bottle. Now, we're not sure this auction thing is funny anymore.

What with all the hullabaloo over unpaid internships run amok in the fashion industry, not to mention how competitive it is to get good, legitimate internships in fashion, it seems bizarre to be able to buy yourself work experience (though, we're sure, lots of people get placements based on family connections and politics and stuff like that) and pass it off as charity.

That aside, the one thing we did find totally awesome about the Versace auction is that it's valued at $20,000—that's twice as much as Wintour's Vogue placement assessment. Do we sense an Anna-Donatella ego smackdown ahead?

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