Today at Gawker.TV, David Letterman reveals his true feelings about Jay Leno to Dr. Phil, Mira Sorvino flashes the audience of Martha Stewart's show, Chuck begins again, and MTV's True Life dives right into the Hamptons.

Letterman Fumes About Late Night Wars: Leno's "A Complete Boob"
Dave had Dr. Phil on The Late Show last night, and the doctor's bedside manner caused Dave to really let loose with his true feelings about Jay Leno and the whole Conan debacle.

Mira Sorvino's Revealing Interview on Martha Stewart
Mira Sorvino stopped by The Martha Stewart Show today to plug her latest role, but instead gave everyone an eyeful. When Martha inquired about Mira's broken foot, she lifted it up for the camera, and left very little the imagination.

True Life's Champagne Bitches and Caviar Dreams
I'm Hustling in the Hamptons could have served as commentary on extant racism and subtle class divisions within Long Island's honkey haven's upper echelon. Instead, MTV worked its magic and gave the world a brand new horrible bitch to love.

The Colbert Report Debuts Indecision 2010 with Adorable Animals
Stephen started his midterm election coverage by providing a menagerie's worth of animals to use as bartering chips with doctors. This is all to skewer a Nevada Senate challenger's idea, but who wouldn't want to carry around a little bunny?

Chuck: A New Dawn, A New Day
When we last saw Chuck, he had dispensed with traitor and romantic rival Daniel Shaw and had finally sealed the deal with Sarah. Back on the homefront, Casey had been re-instated and Morgan joined the team. New things are afoot.