Sick and tired of being pushed around, called a terrorist illegal alien, the anti-Christ, and Stalin-Hitler-Mao, the president has decided to go on the offensive against his loudest critics. It's time for some DC mudslinging!

Who does Obama hate the most? That's debatable, but there are a few people who are near the top of his shit list. Anti-tanning salon tax activist Rep. John Boehner, to the White House, is the Armageddon-fearing Chicken Little of health care reform. To the rest of us, he's just a raging dickhead. Sarah "not exactly an expert on nuclear issues" Palin is a moron, plain and simple. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are sweaty, fat druggie shit talkers. And Senator Mitch McConnell is a sad, confused old man with a condescending attitude.

But of course, Republicans are saying Obama is hitting below the belt, and that he needs to follow their righteous lead and keep the debate civil, otherwise it may backfire and they will hate him even more. Former Bush Administration propaganda minister Ari Fleischer, told Politico: "He's entitled to fight and defend himself, but not in ad hominem personal style. It's unseemly for a president to do that." Meanwhile, Fleischer's former boss is the gold standard for a clean, honest politician.

Some in the Democratic Party, like Senator Harry Reid, have tried their hand at talking shit across the aisle, only to take it back for fear of pissing off obstructionist Republicans. And now Michael Steele has a question for Obama, from a statement regarding the Reid/McConnell beef: "Now that Sen. Reid has apologized for personal attacks made towards Sen. McConnell, when will President Obama do the same?" It's on.