Thanks to Bravo, we all know that Real Housewife of New York Countess LuAnn was recording a single in the "Tardy with the Party" style. "Money Can't Buy You Class" has arrived and is as bad as you imagined.

Our friends at DListed pointed us toward a copy of the song, which is more like LuAnn rapping about "savoir faire," "panache," and other European qualities over the beats of a rejected RuPaul track from 1997. There is a little bit of singing, but it is so morphed and mashed through various recording software that it sounds like the ghost of Cher from that "can you believe in life after love" song. Also, it's a little bit sad when you are copying an idea from wigged Gollum Kim Zolciak. Wow, Kim Zolciak, RuPaul, Cher, who knew that Countess Crackerjack was trying so hard to show gay men the world over how to learn some elegance.