Blippy hit the jackpot enabling internet oversharing. Now comes the punishment: Just three days after a front-page New York Times profile, the Web startup is under media attack for exposing credit card numbers on Google.

Blippy had finally arrived; started to help obsessives share their every last crappy online purchase, the social network last month raised $11 million from venture capitalists and got its picture in the Times Friday. But—whoops!—within 24 hours it emerged, courtesy of ex-Valleywag Paul Boutin at VentureBeat, that the company had inadvertently allowed Google to index some users' credit card numbers. More emerged on VentureBeat the next day; all told it looks like Blippy exposed five cards from four users.

Now Blippy is promising to hire a Chief Security Officer and regularly audit its network. The startup also reports that requests from users to delete their accounts have come in sufficient volume to overload company systems. With the mushrooming coverage of its woes—Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and of course the New York Times—Blippy might want to make a speed-up of the account deleter its first priority.