Contrary to rumors, two tipsters spotted designer Marc Jacobs and his husbear Lorenzo Martone in Manhattan this weekend. Does that mean they haven't really split up? Were they walking to a wedding planner or couples therapy?

We can't really be sure, but here's what info we do have.

I saw them both together yesterday afternoon walking down Lafayette just below Houston. MJ in all black with a gym bag looking as gray as his soul, and Lorenzo with a really bad hair cut. He had recently shaved the sides real tight while leaving the back long—sorta Joe Dirt meets Fisherspooner. Not a good look. Very Trent Reznor.

Anyway, they looked "together" for what it's worth.

The second sighting was less specific, but it seems that they were seen together in one of the 174 million Marc Jacobs stores in the West Village over the weekend. All of this face time around town doesn't seem like the behavior of a pair that just parted ways.

This just goes to show you, ladies and gentlemen, that you can influence the news by emailing us at about any famous people you spot on the street. (Or you can upload them yourself here.) Extra points if they're of our favorite gay couple.

Update: A tipster tells us he saw the couple last Sunday and has a photo to prove it, too: "I saw them both walking up Ninth Avenue together Sunday before yesterday, looking like they were having a great time together. Very strange, since that was supposedly the weekend of the big fight. I even took a photo, which I've attached." [The photo is below.]

[Top image via Getty]