Page Six reports this morning that fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his Brazilian boyfriend (husband?) Lorenzo Martone have broken up. But another report from the Boston Herald contradicts the story. What's going on here?

The story hinges on the marriage of Jacobs' business partner Robert Duffy in Provincetown last weekend. Page Six reports that Lorenzo didn't attend the ceremony. However, a much more detailed account of the event—which sounds like the best gay wedding ever complete with strippers, naked guests, and an after party at a discotheque—says that Jacobs, who served as best man, brought Lorenzo as his date. Since our invitation to Duffy's wedding apparently got lost in the mail or something, we checked out the bad paparazzi photos of the ceremony and couldn't spot Lorenzo, but that doesn't mean he wasn't there. We're going to have to go with the Herald on this one, if only because we love those crazy kids and really want them to make it. Either way, there's going to be a lot of attention paid to Marc and Lorenzo's comings and goings until they either make honest men out of each other and have that wedding they keep talking about, or call it quits for good.

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